Kay Underwood-Zach

Kay Underwood-Zach


Kay Underwood-Zach is the best choice to improve or re-energize any title insurance agent’s business.

Kay is everything you need – a seasoned veteran of the title industry, a master motivator and a creative thinker — to ensure your company is maximizing its potential. She knows that the bottom line and employee happiness are important when evaluating companies and wants to help you improve both.

Usually, consultants are either industry experts, good promoters, or business gurus. But Kay is a triple threat. She isn’t called “unquestionably the best person in the industry” (according to a former client) for nothing.

Before venturing out as a consultant, Kay spent two decades at North American Title Company. She started in the escrow department, rising through the ranks before becoming a vice president and the company’s Colorado Escrow Operations Manager. Her many positions during her time at North American Title provide her with the knowledge and credibility needed to deal with every aspect of a title company, and now she puts those skills to use for your title company.

Kay possesses a recognized ability to assess individuals, teams and organizations with accuracy. She promises to identify all opportunities she sees to improve efficiency by utilizing both employee talent and technology.

Whatever change you need to make to get your business running more smoothly and efficiently, Kay will identify your opportunities, plan how to implement any changes and then help you execute your operation with success. Chances are, she has probably already done it before and found success. Here are just some of the practices Kay has implemented for her clients to help improve their efficiency and productivity:

  • Project manage and/or provide expertise in planning and support of multiple software conversions
  • Software optimizations
  • Process re-engineering to maximize available software functionality
  • Assist and facilitate the creation of centralized support departments, processes and procedures, automations and new technologies
  • Providing a wide-range of support, ideas, and process improvement assisting one client to grow from 5 offices and 25 employees to 11 offices and 80+ employees