Software Implementation / Conversion & Optimization

Technology is changing the title insurance industry every day. Title Insurance Consultants, LLC, will make sure that you are using every tool available and recommend the technology solutions that can help you and your business.

Having the latest tools is only half the battle – you must also ensure you’re using your current software, tools and human resources in a way that impacts your business the best. We’ll help build out and train you on a better system that will allow you more flexibility and control in your title orders. We want your team to know your new software and procedures, so you will start to reap all the benefits from your new technology from day one. We work with ResWare, TSS/Title Express, SoftPro, RamQuest and Qualia —just to name a few.

Past clients have lauded Kay’s and Brie’s work helping implement new software or find new tools in your current system. One described Brie’s work as “spectacular,” while another said, that “she not only has a vast understanding of the ResWare product, she also brings years of title and closing knowledge and experience to the project.”

A happy client of Kay’s recently called her work acclimating his team with SoftPro “the BEST money we have ever spent as a company.” He called Kay’s knowledge “unbelievable” and said that prior to working with her, they were using less than 10 percent of what (SoftPro) is truly capable of doing.