About Us

With the energy of a freight train, Brieann McDaniel and Kay Underwood work together with Title Insurance Consultants to bring innovative and efficient solutions to title companies across the United States.

Kay is known for challenging people to find ways to work smarter instead of thinking they need to work harder. Brie is famous for her no-nonsense approach to optimizing your operation to save more money and focus on parts of the business that bring in revenue.

The partnership between two of the most respected consultants in the land title industry is a force to be reckoned with. Though Brieann is based in Maryland and Kay in Colorado, the powerful duo wants to work with title companies everywhere and will be cooperatively evaluating clients and their needs.

Depending on your needs and goals, Kay and Brieann split their cases to ensure you get the service needed to improve your business. When you work with Title Insurance Consultants you’re in the hands of two of the best in the title business.

Brieann and Kay enjoyed long careers working for profitable and efficient title operations before venturing out on their own to help other title agents and attorneys find or maintain such success. Now, by working together, they can help your title company reach new heights.

No project – and no company – is too big or small to benefit from the expertise of Kay and Brieann. Whether you’re looking for improved productivity, organization, software optimization, overall culture or employee relations, Title Insurance Consultants wants to help. Brieann and Kay believe in being flexible and accommodating and will develop a plan up front for your title company that matches your goals, timeline and budget.

Reach out to Title Insurance Consultants today and let Kay and Brieann ensure you and your team are putting your energy toward what matters most in your title company.