Looking to hire new employees at your title company? Use these tips from Peter Yang, co-founder of ResumeGo and Mock Interview, to look for an employee that will grow in value through their time at your business.

1. “It’s about the future, not the present” — like an investment or a fine wine, when you hire a new employee the best way to approach their value is through not what they’ll give you on their first day, but what they’ll give your entire business two years from now. To find candidates with the highest chance of excelling in the future, look for applicants with a quick learning curve and impressive problem-solving experience.

2. “It’s about finding that diamond in the rough” — as expected, when you put out a job opening many people, even with impressive resumes, will just be applying because they want a job not necessarily because they want this job. As the employer, it’s up to you to find the candidate that’s really there because they want to be there, and going to want to be there five years down the road.

3. “It’s about looking beyond the obvious” — just like it’s the stockbrokers job to find the investment that others have overlooked, when you hire someone you have the opportunity to hire the employee that you think has the skills under the surface. You can be creative in your one-on-one hiring process, or change up the job based on how you see fit. The important thing to focus on is that this is going to be your employee, so hire them for the job that makes sense to you.

Ultimately, your new employee is your investment, and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll choose that investment. Just like you, I want your business to succeed, which is why I’m available to help you every step of the way!