A lot of us see the ‘update your software’ pop ups on our computer screens and choose to ignore them. We think our computer is still working just fine, no need to update it. Maybe you think you don’t have time to allow your computer to go through the update process right now and you will get to it later, which typically leads to forgetting about it. These ways of thinking can lead to missed opportunities, wasted money and other business risks. Take the time to update your software (and your systems), it’s important.

Security is the most important reason why you should keep your systems updated. Just like anything else, there are flaws with software systems. There are people trying to hack into your systems daily. With all software systems having flaws, it’s just a matter of time before someone discovers them.

Not only will keeping your software updated help with security, you will also save time and be more efficient. Saving time and increasing efficiency. Two ideas that are often heard and used in our industry but seldom achieved. Having a system that allows you to save time and be more efficient is very important for your title company. Updates provide new features and speed enhancements to your system.

I can help you ensure your software not only works for you but helps you save time and be more efficient. Let’s accomplish something important for your business this month! Sound good? Let’s talk today!