Does your creative muscle need a little workout? Writer and creative Nicholas Cole has some tips for the professional that needs a little pick me up when it comes to working that creative muscle.

1. “Build your schedule around ‘input’ activities” — Instead of revolving your day around everything you have to do, choose to try to build your schedule around the activities that give you creative pleasure, like reading, listening and reflecting.

2. “Take a different route to work as often as possible” — Habits can be good for our stability and sense of continuity, but sometimes we can get so wrapped up in them we may lose an opportunity for creativity. Taking a different route to work allows your mind to focus on something while giving your eyes the chance to see something new.

3. “Read what is most relevant to what you’re working on right now” — Take a break, read something you’re interested in and let your creative muscle learn something new. This will help your current and future work projects!

Keeping your creativity flowing at work is important for having a varied and lively workplace. If you’re interested in optimizing your team, let’s talk this week!