The Ponemon Institute “Cost of Breach Study” sponsored by IBM shows that data breaches have been on the rise since 2016, growing annually by 1.8%. While these data breaches can be scary and damaging for customers and businesses, there are ways to prevent these cyber attacks through internal employee training such as:

– Educating employees on how to pinpoint phishing emails and dangerous links is the key to prevention. By ensuring all your employees know the policies and procedures for preventing data breaches, your business will be safer.

– Changing your passwords often and not using the same password for every account, computer, etc gives hackers a harder time of accessing your info.

– Verifying the sites you use before you begin any activity on them is a smart way to prevent cyber attacks. Look for a lock symbol in the address of your website to ensure the site is secure and your data will be secured in transit.

Data breaches are harmful, but you look out for your company by playing it safe and trusting your gut when it comes to scam emails and links. Reach out to me to discuss how together we can make your business safe and efficient.