What’s old is new again, that’s the saying, right? Everything from the 80s and 90s is back in full force: denim everything, jelly shoes, even vinyl records are making a comeback.

History repeating itself definitely happens, but not in the case of your software and technology. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever trade in your iPhone for just an iPod and flip phone again. It’s also unlikely that you’ll jump start your Hotmail email address again just because your Gmail account is overloaded. (Public PSA: if you still have a Hotmail account, or your Hotmail account is your main email account, you need to update immediately.)

Your technology is constantly evolving. Unlike fashion and music that have cycles, your tech and software needs will continue to grow and evolve. You shouldn’t hold onto to old system and processes because they can cost you efficiency and profitability in the future.

If your tech and software isn’t making your life easier, you are doing it wrong.

Be the company that is ahead of your competition. Wear your denim jacket before your competitors bust one out of their closet! I can help ensure your technology and software is not only working well for your business, but makes your life easier.